Enhance and augment your data assets to maximise its value

SmartConnect’s intelligent processes give your business the solution to detect anomalies and act on insights

Enhance, de-duplicate, combine and match content to solve business data issues

Our intelligent processes use decision tree analysis to ingest, restructure, analyse and compare very large sets of structured and semi-structured data quickly and easily.

Making Connections

Scalable data matching solution to assist with anti-bribery and anti-fraud policies.

Operational Efficiencies

Delivering operational efficiencies by eliminating duplicate records and inconsistencies.

Maximise Value

Validate spelling mistakes and augment records against external sources using automated referencing.

Leverage your data to enhance your competitive advantage

Designed to provide a scalable and cost-effective matching solution, SmartConnect can match data no matter the complexity, business content or size.

Searching and matching all fields simultaneously, SmartConnect effortlessly presents matches between values which can be incredibly difficult to detect; such as similar spelling/sounding, spaces and punctuation, misspelled words and the use of different names or addresses.

Protect Your Business

Data can be assessed against existing records in real-time for instant enhancement, correction and, or creation of new records.

Advanced Matching

Enhance your competitive advantage by matching product descriptions from competitor sites for up to date commercial information and against other databases and vendors to gain real time price and special offer comparisons.

Identify Fraud

Establish hidden connections between people and companies to assist with anti-bribery and anti-fraud policies

Customer Profiling

Improve customer experience through holistic and reliable customer data through highly intelligent, data driven targeting and nurturing.


Gain operational efficiencies and avoid excessive data storage and GDPR non-compliance by identifying duplicate records and inconsistencies. Eliminate the negative impact of sending duplicate communications due to database short-comings

Data Enrichment

Enhance the quality and richness of your data sets by adding information found from virtually any internal and external sources. Maximise data integrity and value by checking current records against external and internal sources to validate their accuracy

Business and Data Analysis

Gain valuable insight into a business by assessing data assets and client lists to identify the worth of an organisation to support mergers and acquisitions.

Data Matching

Matching structured or semi-structured data may appear to be straight-forward, but it is one of the most complex IT challenges.

With many IT infrastructures not able to process this type of high- volume and delicate analysis, it becomes a very time-consuming and complex task.

SmartConnect provides the technology to solve this challenging, but business critical activity. Designed to search all fields simultaneously, applying different rules for different fields, and importantly intelligently identifying spelling and punctuation error, SmartConnect delivers time, cost and operational efficiencies.

Gain real value from your data.

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