A New Way to Manage Your
Data Risk

RiskView allows you to systematically eliminate your information risk while you focus on your core business.

Find and Protect your Information Wherever it Lives

Understand your exposure to risk, make informed decisions quickly and protect your organisation,
your employees and your clients from potential data leakage and theft.

Insider Threats

Understand how your employees are using and sharing sensitive information. Ensure the correct people have access to the correct files.


Gain visibility with automated reports and procedures. Meet GDPR compliance demands with simple remediation plans.


Gain actionable insight into areas that require attention, giving your business the information needed to quickly close risk and compliance gaps.

Simplify Subject Access Requests
& Redaction

Quickly respond to Subject Access Requests with RiskView.
Easily search through unstructured data sources and auto redact confidential information.

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Access, Prioritise and Mitigate your Information Security Risks

Make informed decisions quickly, understand your exposure to risk and protect your organisation,
your employees and your clients from potential data leakage and theft.

Business Critical Information

RiskView prevents business critical data leakage by inspecting data from within inboxes, cloud storage, online chat and devices to locate sensitive information that shouldn`t be there, helping you to identify simple mistakes or malicious users.

Internal Compliance (GDPR)

Eliminate the large manual cost of searching for PID within sizable folders, company emails and archives and remove possibilities for human error to quickly become GDPR compliant and protect your client and employee data.

Payment Card Information (PCI)

Locate documents that contain any payment card information, ensuring that customer data is completely protected from the risk of leakage.

Phishing & Malware Detection

Quickly identify malware & phishing emails that have been received or sent out to quickly contain the threat and discover the scale of the risk within just a few clicks, enabling your business to better defend itself.

Behaviour Analytics

Identify bullying in the workplace and inappropriate behaviour by highlighting correspondence that contains derogatory content.

Security Violations

RiskView locates documents which contain information that looks like passwords or the use of cloud storage when this is not part of the company IT policy.

A typical business keeps much of its data in unstructured form.
Contracts, financial reports, customer support cases, CVs, and Intellectual Property are generally found in places that they shouldn’t be.

Mitigate your business risk in minutes…

Encourage responsible data handling throughout your organisation

Educating your workforce on data security can sometimes not be enough, RiskView provides users with the ability to audit their own devices to see how they adhere to information risk policies and how whether their data handling activities are compliant with the GDPR.

Easily review large data sets with automated reporting

Our automated reports and integrated dashboard provide your business with an insightful view into vast amounts of data. Helping your business focus on how to remediate areas of risk or non-compliance. Reports can be delivered directly to your inbox and remediation tasks can be distributed across your team.

Reduce time taken to satisfy subject
access requests

Complying with Subject Access Requests within the 30-day window adds to the daily workload of your workforce. RiskView searches for the requested information and delivers it within minutes. Content relating to another person must also be redacted. The RiskView redactor intuitively suggests content to be redacted, instantly reducing the pressures on your teams.

Secure your supply chain

Supply chain security is generally overlooked, whereas this can be a potential weakness in your security. Auditing their risk levels and compliance provides added assurance that any data you share will be protected and data will be handled appropriately.

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