Quickly examine volumes of data to easily uncover the facts

CaseView gives your teams the power to quickly perform investigations by using advanced discovery technology.

Fast, Flexible, Accurate Document Review

Whether it’s understanding internal fraud, carrying out discovery, preparing evidence
for litigation, or even working through M&A activity. CaseView allows you to easily
organise data without any expert training.

Early Case Assessment

Quickly gauge the size and scope of your case, allowing for an accurate estimation of budgets and timelines.

Forensic Examination

Forensically examine data without compromising the evidence. Find hidden documents within unallocated space and deleted files.

Document Review & Redaction

Easily review and redact documents using the automatic key-term identifier to redact information unrelated to the case.

Explore and Manage Unstructured Data

Capable of performing multi-source data investigations of paper documents, forensic images, electronic office docs, email and more.

CaseView can combine scanned paper with forensic or other electronic data for discovery analysis to identify key documents, allowing crucial documents to be found within days instead of weeks.

Specialising in data forensic investigation, businesses can effortlessly discover and explore faster.

CaseView empowers your business to:

  • Quickly discover commonalities within documents between disparate cases and devices
  • Unravel well-hidden links, patterns and case conspiracies
  • Uncover key pieces of intelligence and eliminate manual analysis of hundreds of documents
  • Forensically examine drive images without compromising the evidence

Reduce the volume of data and streamline your discovery process

With the amount of data out there, it’s not always easy to organise data and find the truth. CaseView eliminates manual searches, saving time, money and resources. Plus it makes the entire discovery process much more management, efficient and insightful.

Organise and understand your data

Investigate fraud and litigation
with ease

Easily determine case strategy and establish budgets

Eliminate non-relevant data and reduce data volumes

Quickly identify potential red flags and tag documents for further examination

Visually explore conversations and data flows

Identify conspiracies and fraud using any available data

Ready to get the most out of your data?

Find out how DDC AS can help.

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