Our Process


Collaboratively work to identify the overarching benefits of automation for your issue.


Digital Agents will be designed and trained in our control room to provide maximum efficiency upon deployment.


Digital Agents will be deployed in a rapid timeframe from our control room.


Having deployed our Agent, you’ll have the ability to track its success, increasing the transparency of our process.

How Do Companies Approach Us?

Intelligent Business Automation will create a plethora of solutions for your company and revolutionise growth, sales and efficiency in the workspace. Our approach is grounded and conducted on a micro-level; no solution will be used twice. However, the universal block to amplifying your business efficiency is contact. Contacting DDC AS is the first stage of a multi-faceted process which revolves around you and allows your input at all stages of the ‘DDD’ Process. However, contact is the most important stage of the process and the one which relies on your company most heavily. To find out the esteemed benefits of Intelligent Business Automation from DDC AS today, contact the team and a dedicated member of the sales team will respond. We want to catalyse change and implement a hybrid working model with you, and this starts with contact.

How Do We Store?

Our Digital Agents are cloud enabled and provider independent. They may run on any combination of public cloud provider, on-premise, and DDC AS PaaS configurations. Many Digital Agents will run at specific times or dates, and thus the variable use pricing of the providers may be used to reduce running costs. The DDC AS Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers the best of the above with a configuration and ongoing support provided by our in-house team of experts.

Any Questions?
Contact us

Contact us


Through years of formulation, DDC AS has formulated a full process concierge service which truly distinguishes it from the industry. Collaboration is at the heart of our company ethos; however, we also operate with minimal reliance on your team. From a web of organised consultations, we will construct your solution internally in our ‘control room’ and remove the burden of design from you. Once constructed in a reduced timeframe at a minimal cost, our ‘Digital Agent’ will be operational and from there it will collaborate with your team through OneView, our integral platform which was created through our drive for transparency. It is our process of construction which distinguishes us from the industry and our drive for a professionally crafted solution which sets us apart. After just 5 years of service, we continue to work with leaders in their respective industries working to construct internal hybrid systems, something that places DDC AS at the leading edge of our industry.