Regulatory Control

The Background

Our client based in mainland Europe has a global client base and receives a high volume of data on a daily basis via email. The sensitive nature of their work means that data security is vital, and whilst the client was fully compliant under the relevant regulations, ahead of the GDPR introduction they still wanted to add an extra layer of security into their data sets. Our client realised that the fallout from violating regulation in the smallest manner would have inflicted a huge cost on their business. 

The Problem

The client required a security assessment to audit the risk profile of their current data estate, something in which DDC AS specialises in and they followed to want continued reports to assess how well they were continuing to reduce risk and identify breaches going forward. The relationship began with the client as a full concierge solution for one matter but soon it became clear that they were aware that regularly maintaining standards in their data estate was vital and instilling the Hybrid Workforce was the best forward movement for this. 

Our client lacked an efficient process whereby regular assessments could be carried out which would deliver an overall risk rating on the level of risk posed to the business through documents that didn’t comply with the GDPR regulation. Instead, they had a massively labour-intensive structure which not only compromised time management but also had the potential to lead to human error at times. Any small issues caused by human error can become incredibly dangerous in regard to regulation. Regulatory standards are becoming increasingly tight and there is a need for every business to efficiently monitor their risk rating moving forward. 

An added complication was that the client operated in multiple languages, so the tool deployed needed to recognise potential data threats in a variety of languages and formats. Only industry leading technology would be able to be facilitated here for this sort of service. 

Our Solution

DDC AS internally designed and deployed a range of Digital Agents to combat the issue. Our Digital Agents successfully scanned 995,487 documents, out of which 13,629 were flagged as possible GDPR risks. This was 1.4% of the initial documentation checked. DDC AS’s Digital Agents were trained to follow incredibly strict procedures to ensure that each document was rigorously tested to check for anything that potentially violated the regulation, as we understood the huge risk associated with falling on the wrong side of regulation. 

Once the scans had been completed, the information was presented within the intuitive OneView system, allowing the client’s team to analyse the data, and more importantly act, in the priority order that the Digital Workforce had provided to them. The Digital Agents continued to feed results into the OneView platform which displayed them in a digestible and comprehendible manner for our client. This was the pinnacle of our Digital Agents adding value to their in-house workforce, a seamless integration of human and digital, showing the power of the Hybrid Workforce. 

Finally, and imperatively for the client, we calculated that only 14 of the files were actual risks to regulation, scoring a GDPR risk score of Level 8 & 9 (9 being the highest score, and highest risk). As a result of this outcome, even with the needs to handle vast amounts of data, the client was assured that they were adequately managing the associated threats. Going forward they will continue to be assured and compliant as the partnership continues.

The Outcome

In summary, DDC AS provided the ability to maintain regulatory compliance and avoid regulations whilst in conjunction simultaneously reducing the large manual workload on employees. Our deployed Digital Agents continue to monitor their documents with our pre-built software in order to provide clarity in their business. GDPR regulation checks and other regulatory checks remain a powerful capacity of our Digital Workforce and DDC AS truly understand the potential risks of regulation that is ill followed. 

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