Welcome To An Insightful Future.
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Welcome To An Insightful

Managed Digital Agents Delivering
New Efficiencies and Insights

Reduced Risk. Faster Delivery. Lower cost. 

Introducing The
Hybrid Workforce

Seamlessly integrate the indisputable intelligence of the Human Workforce with the relentless reliability of the Digital Workforce. It has long been recognised that neither 100% human nor 100% automation solutions produce sustainable outcomes. Reliance on automation produces rigidity and frequent unsatisfactory customer experiences. Whereas, continuing with automatable tasks performed by the Human Workforce leads to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in service delivery. 

Our Specialities

Algorithm Outsourcing

Specialists in the research, analysis and prototyping of complex data environments; leading to the production of custom algorithms and processes for maximisation of operational output.

Holistic Data Analytics

Due to many years’ experience in developing solutions to handle unstructured data, DDC AS has significant capabilities in harmonising multisource and multiformat data resources. The aim to enable comprehensive presentation and deep dive through a ‘One View’/’Big Picture’ approach.

Integration And Orchestration

Integration, standardisation and coordination of multiple data feeds and data sources leading to clean informational streams allowing effective orchestration of resources.

Data Cleansing And Matching’

Outsource your problematic, but ultimately highly valuable, data assets to DDC AS to drive quality and purpose where it does currently exist. These mismatched assets may be the result of acquisition or merger and may require external validation or enhancement.

“Our partner proposed a tool through DDC AS, to analyse the open-question feedback from 70,000 colleagues, in eight languages, into actionable themes and worked with teams across the organisation, through webinars and one-to-one calls to ensure everyone understood how to use the tool and get maximum benefit from the insight.”
“We were able to quickly identify personal identifiable data that we didn’t know existed, this transparency gave us the intelligence we needed to prevent data leakages and data breaches."
“Without DDC AS we wouldn’t have any way of regularly measuring our risk levels and purging data that doesn’t comply, which gives our clients and employees the confidence that our operations are compliant with the GDPR and that their data is protected.”

How We Deploy

Our Process


Collaboratively determine the esteemed benefits of automation for your entrenched business problems and we will determine the best path of action to solve your issue. Working with you, we will uncover actionable opportunities to revolutionise business efficiencies.


Upon collaboratively determining the digital agent template necessary, we will design a 'digital agent' to collaborate with your workforce and provide a concierge services to your issue. The agents are quick, effective and agile in their work and will be deployed in a short period of time from our digital faculty.


Having collaboratively designed a personalised Digital Agent for your business we will configure the agent for deployment. Unlike other automated solution firms in the industry, we build and configure Digital Agents in our 'control room' taking the reliance from you. We will work with you to build and deploy a sustainable and scalable workforce of Digital Agents to collaborate with your team.

Digital Agents

The Digital Agent is an Intelligent Process Automation which has been specifically developed to undertake a bespoke set of tasks within your business.

Our Digital Agents are created to remove tasks that are inefficient for a human workforce, allowing focus on high value-added work. The Digital Agents are controlled within our Intelligent Platform where our team can monitor, amend and deploy Digital Agents to satisfy demand. 

Digital Agents

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The Digital Agent Approach


Error probability is reduced with an automated arm to your workflows, our Agents can decisively act on regulatory changes and ensure the highest quality of work. 


Digital Agents not only fix problems, but they also seek them. We can actively monitor, deploy and amend more Digital Agents if collaboratively we agree it is necessary. 


Automation allows for thousands of tasks to be completed simultaneously in minutes. Notoriously time-draining and manual tasks can be completed with ease and without large amounts of human input.

Cost Saving

Digital Agents solve multi-faceted problems. Once cleared, these issues will no longer obstruct business workflows and our Agents go further with scoping and detecting power to seek any more issues within your technical capabilities. 

More Value From Personnel

The Hybrid working ethos puts your personnel at the heart of the digital transformation. They will be equipped with valuable transferrable skills and the dislocation between IT and other departments is welded into a relationship.

Compliance Benefits

Automation nullifies the risk of compliance violations and GDPR risks.