DDC OneView is born out of the need to provide clients with a system capable of bringing together customer data in one place and creating business critical insights from that data. These insights can provide retailer differentiation, operational and financial performance improvement.

DDC OneView gives you the ability to identify the optimal way to spend your money, maximising your ROI continually. It can be broken down into individual elements that together make up a complete solution providing a transparent and effective customer journey.



There are several sources of information that make up a holistic customer profile, and these define the relationship between customer and organisation. The OneView approach is designed to pull this together in a simple dashboard for the relevant parties.


Internal sources will include

  • All customer interactions with your systems
  • Operational and historical data about your customer
  • Interactions with your people (call transcripts and webchat)
  • Customer visits and behaviour on your website


External sources are also included to complete the broad scope:

  • Social Media, Forums and Blogs
  • Surveys (SMS, webform, Trustpilot etc.)
  • Market Pricing Data


This information is gathered and displayed in a manner tailored to your requirements, and from this, reporting is also simple and specific to your individual needs.

Why/how did the customer contact you?

Using this platform, the data can then be analysed for key issues, trends and metrics.

Typically, the following areas can be explored:

  • Why/how did the customer contact you?
  • What were the common issues?
  • How well/quickly was it resolved?
  • What is the average number of contacts to resolution?
  • What is the average time to close?
  • What was the final disposition?
  • How many closed issues were re-opened?
  • Can we make improvements to the processes?

With a view to:

  • Reduction in the number and length of calls.
  • Redirecting calls to online resources or chat technology.
  • Optimising marketing spend to retain and gain the greatest number of customers your budget allows for.
  • Identification of successful upsell strategies.



There are a number of opportunities to gather customer feedback, which can be gathered in a variety of formats including; email, web surveys and SMS. This feedback can be fed into the system during a number of intervals and can be used to continually shape and reform the service offering.


Displayed briefly in the improvement model, DDC OneView can create a proactive environment for retention and growth.

  • Approach renewals loaded with a customer profile that allows you to understand their interaction with you and what obstacles you may face.
  • Utilise risk analysis.
  • Receive ‘lost notifications’ and understand, Why? Where? Who?
  • Growth; identify new opportunities using the unique one view of the industry.


  • Increased Customer/FTA Ratio

  • Reduce Customer Attrition

  • Improved Relationships

  • Protecting & Enhancing Future Growth

  • Improved Efficiencies, Time Saved and Costs Reduced

  • Maximise Resource

  • Utilise Data

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