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June 18, 2019

As specialists in developing data solutions software, we are always working with our clients to reduce their exposure to possible data breaches. So, here are some of our top tips: Be Proactive If you are investigated under the GDPR, one of the key things that will be examined is the proactive steps you took to avoid that very situation. The idea is to show that you did all you could, despite the attack. The fact is prevention and preparation is key, to stop data breaches entirely is an en

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Read more Organisations Relationship with Cybersecurity and their Workforce – In Scope

May 15, 2019

Organisations Relationship with Cybersecurity and their Workforce – In Scope.  Internal data security incidents are a reality, since 2016 the average number of incidents involving an employee or contractor negligence has increased by 26% (Ponemon). In a GDPR world, how do organisations protect information but also, offer remote working and a trusting work environment? In this article we take a look at helping you become a progressive organisation without the risk, building a next ge

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Read more Subject Access Requests

May 09, 2019

  As control over data is handed back to individuals, Subject Access Requests (SAR`s) are already making a big impact on organisations. Previously an organisation could charge £10 for a SAR, this was both a deterrent to the individual to stop the process being abused, but also, a slight compensation to the organisation for the time and work involved. This charge, however, is no longer in place post GDPR. Not only does a SAR require the company to provide the information but it must

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Read more Data Discovery

May 01, 2019

It may surprise you… or not… to discover that many organisations don’t know where all of their data is stored. It’s always safe to say that data is kept behind the walls of a database, and the only way to access that data is if you have a username and password. But do organisations and data managers consider the ways that the data entered the business? Sometimes it can be programmed to appear in the database, other times it could have to be manually entered after it ha

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Read more Defence in Depth

April 26, 2019

The traditional ‘defence in depth’ approach, where organisations add multiple layers of security to add redundancies, which allows for continuous protection should a mechanism fail - is under threat - from within All it takes is one rogue operator, poorly vetted subcontractor or individual looking for a shortcut, for the layers to weaken. Many organisations do all they can to reduce risk and prevent issues before they arise. But how can you identify the insider threat, from preparat

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Read more IT Systems Impact on Staff Wellbeing

April 23, 2019

As data security continually rises in importance, more organisations than ever are implementing software and AI to monitor staff activity.  Much of the press that surrounds this has been negative, suggesting it can add a feeling of distrust and pressure on staff. Whilst it can be argued that if staff are working correctly, they have nothing to fear, many of us have experienced the challenge of working in a constrained environment and the impact that can have on our work and personal wellbe

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