Read more IT Systems Impact on Staff Wellbeing

April 23, 2019

As data security continually rises in importance, more organisations than ever are implementing software and AI to monitor staff activity.  Much of the press that surrounds this has been negative, suggesting it can add a feeling of distrust and pressure on staff. Whilst it can be argued that if staff are working correctly, they have nothing to fear, many of us have experienced the challenge of working in a constrained environment and the impact that can have on our work and personal wellbe

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Read more Are your employees adhering to your security policies?

April 10, 2019

Security is paramount, but when it becomes inconvenient, how many people bypass the rules? How many workers continue to use banned online storage systems such as, their own personal Dropbox? Or forwarded emails to a personal account? Sure, this seems innocent enough, but in fact, it is an informational risk for your business. In this recent survey, we can see that a massive 84% of people have forwarded work emails to a personal account. We all know that the reasons for this could be innocent, h

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Read more The Morrison’s Data Breach – Revisited

April 03, 2019

Back in November 2018, we took a look at the impact of the Morrison’s data breach. Some months on, we ask, how has this impacted the business landscape? And what can businesses do to avoid the same issues… The story is still unresolved for Morrison’s and despite the fact it all relates to one individual within the firm they are looking at hefty compensation costs. That being said, the ICO ruled they were compliant, and no fines would be implemented from a GDPR perspective. Wh

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Read more Beating the Recruitment Process?

March 20, 2019

The ICO recently shared news of a former council officer who was fined for emailing CV’s of rival job applicants to his partner.  Many of us have been in the position where we really want that job, we wonder who we are up against and wonder how our CV’s are received. How many of us have wished to apply for a job that would require to work with our partners… who knows!  However, in this case, the former employee of Nuneaton and Bedworth District Council accesses the

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Read more Data and Brexit: An Uncertain Future?

March 18, 2019

Deal or no deal? It sounded much better coming from Noel Edmund than it does in regard to the future of the UK. With one month to go, we are all none the wiser, but all the more frustrated.  If the proposed deal is passed, personal data will continue to flow in its current form until 2020 whilst a longer-term solution is put in place. In the case of a no deal, you will be able to send personal data from the UK to the EEA and EU, however, they cannot send data back without an additional sa

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Read more Managing Behaviour Through Technology in the Workplace

February 26, 2019

Workplaces are very different places these days, it’s not uncommon to find articles relating to any of the following when scrolling through LinkedIn: Working from home is by far the most effective I can’t identify with my millennial workforce Why I miss the workplaces of old What we can learn from the workplaces of the 80’s. As the characteristics of our workforce begin to change beyond recognition due to technology, the behaviour and general workplace atmosphere is g

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